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NPDC Highlight!

Shout out to NPDC athlete: Liam Connon for his selection to the Lausanne 2021 FISU Olympiades team!!

Liam embodies the NPDC mantra: it's not so much about location, but more about vocation.

He has been training with the NPDC for the past two seasons, from his home town in Prince-George (B-C). On top of grinding each workout, he was also studying hard in his last highschool year to graduate with the best grades of his year.

Wishing you the best on your first year with University of Northern British Columbia and pumped you get to represent your peers, sport and country in Lausanne in January man!

Finally congrats to all the athletes who are balancing their athletic career and academic pursuits. Rockstars, all of you Keep at it!

Go get 'em

Biathlon Canada

Special thanks to

Biathlon BC

Caledonia Nordic Ski Club

for their continued support and cooperation with helping push Liam's potential!

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Lets get acquainted 

Back in the summer of 2007 I felt I was stagnating in my athletic progression and this led to frustrations. I started reading Bruce Lee's materials and became a huge fan (only after did I see [all of] his movies).

His book "Artist of Life" is [arguably] embodied by the following saying:

"Knowing is not enough, we must apply.

Willing is not enough, we must do."

- Bruce Lee

It gave me an ever clear perspective of what needed to be done. It carried me for the next 7 years and from a 59th place in the 10k Sprint in Torino, to a 4th place (3 seconds from podium) in Sotchi.

It embodies much of my approach and philosophy in how I trained as an athlete. It now guides me as a coach!



My door is always open, to whom ever wishes to learn.


Hi, I'm JeeP. I'm an ex-National team athlete and my career spanned just over 10 years, with: 4 Youth/Junior World Championships and podium performances; 3 Winter Olympics (Torino 2006 as a junior, Vancouver 2010 and Sotchi 2014); Placing 80th in my first World Cup race to a Sprint title and clocking numerous historical canadian performances along the way.

Following my career as an athlete, I underwent a 3 year bachelors program in sports management at Laval University. 

The NPDC is my academy. Backed by my experience and expertise as an athlete and the academic depth of a bachelors degree geared towards the science and art of coaching, I'm looking to share all this knowledge with driven and focused athletes.

With the three training modes you will find here, I believe the NPDC is offering a brand new model of coaching Biathlon in the canadian training centre circle. The choices of either: training in Valcartier, distance coaching and their matching together in hybrid form, seeks to help bridge your reality and your desire to progress in our beloved sport.

As an example, the kind of athlete the latter two options could speak to is one undertaking post-secondary education and seeking a flexible alternative for training. The type of athlete would be one who is self-reliant, self-motivated, disciplined and creative. 

Let's put it this way, I've climbed Everest... many times. I've gone through its hurdles, its cracks, ice fields and pits. I felt the hardships and the grueling task of making ones way to the top, step by step. Now, I offer to be your guide, so I can push you and help you to reach your own summit(s).

Are you up for it?




To unleash your #Beastmode

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Local Mode

Train in Quebec!

Local Mode is the conventional local Training Centre offer. Come train in a world class facility offering a full rollerski track, single track trails for biking and running, a 30 lane shooting range and tons of kilometres to ski on in the winter.

Whats more? Valcartier is located a short drive from Quebec City, its Universities and is also close to many outdoor activities!

Out of all training centres, we've got the full meal deal in an integration of training, studying and living environments!

Home Mode

Train at Home

This mode offers a new wave of coaching in Biathlon in the country. The distance coaching set up that will give you a full range of options and choices for a fully personalized training structure.

Maybe you're taking up post-secondary education and will already have a fully stacked schedule, but would like to keep improving your skills in Biathlon?

The opportunity to bridge that gap is what the NPDC aims to help you achieve.


Hybrid Mode

Best of both worlds

Pretty straight forward: Train at home with the distance coaching structure and come out to Quebec for strategically planned training "camps" for one on one follow-up!

Is your curiosity picked by any of these options?

Click HERE for the full information package.

Wether you are set at season start in May, or your plans change during the year, sign up with the NPDC is year round. Like I said, my door is always open!

To download and fill a sign up sheet, click HERE & send it @:

I'll contact you within 24hours 

2020-2021 NPDC Line-up

Meet the Crew

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Neal Gottzmann

Local Mode

Neal shipped in Quebec from Manitoba. With 0 experience in endurance sports, he has gone through his first full year of training and is grinding out his second full summer of training. He is aiming for top international level performances.


Liam Connon

Hybrid Mode

Liam has been training out of Prince George B-C for the past two seasons. He'll be entering a bachelors program in mechanical engineering at UNBC in September. He will be coming for a lengthier visit in Quebec during the Fall (if COVID situation permits). He is aiming at performing for Canada at Youth World Championships and is selected to the 2021 FISU Universiade Games biathlon team.


Want to join this crew?

This could be you...

The NPDC puts emphasis on power to choose. The three modes offer a wide array of flexibility and possibilities, what ever your reality.

Because it's not so much about your location... 

but all about your vocation.


Contact me

1598 rue Stanley,

Québec, Québec

G1W 3T2


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